Fostering Wildlife

At Hayleys, we hold the health of the environment as a foremost priority in all of our activities.

In recent years, we have taken considerable areas of farmland out of production, dedicating them to wildlife areas, providing sources of habitat and food for small mammals and insects.

Environmentally Sensitive

Using specialist technology, we have the ability to sow crops directly into stubble fields, without cultivating the field.

This means that wildlife always has cover for habitat, and that seeds and seedlings remain on the surface where they can be eaten, rather than being buried.

Being able to establish a crop in a single pass with a tractor (rather than the 3-4 required when using traditional practices) also means that considerably less pollution occurs.

In the 2019/20 growing season:

We have planted

33 acres of wildflowers

predominantly planted around the outsides of fields, and with a variety of species selected to ensure the flowering season is as long as possible, these provide an excellent source of pollen for bees and other insects

we have planted over

48 acres of winter bird food

providing a vital food supply for seed-eating birds throughout the winter

We have sown

13 acres of BumbleBird mixes

providing a food source for farmland birds and nectar feeding insects, including butterflies and bumblebees

In previous years:

we have planted over

20 acres of new woodland

taking arable farmland out of production and providing wildlife habitat for generations to come